Research & Development

Products & Services for Aquatic Environment

Through our corporate network, we partake with continuous success on various research projects, both European (FP7, Horizon 2020), as well as National (NSRF).

MARESCO LTD personnel constantly strives to extend and multiply our capabilities. Our R&D department, focusing on marine engineering projects (marine robotics, electronics, etc), is skilled in designing manufacturing underwater housings, ROVs and USVs, as well as tooling and instruments designed for specific uses.

The experience and portfolio is enriched by industry collaborations as well as with participation in R&D projects both domestic and international.

Our researchers’ main focus is:

  • Structural-mechanical design
  • Experimental studies of composite materials
  • Structural design of composite pressure housings
  • Definition and application of non destructive quality control procedures
  • Underwater engineering projects such as autonomous robotics, ROVs and scientific instrumentation

Our R&D department is made up of scientists, engineers, technicians and skilled personnel, who by using their creativity on innovation, aim to keep the company competitive in the respective areas.