MARESCO LTD is a leading provider of marine research services and marine consulting. MARESCO was founded in 1984 by Dr Lucas Caloumenos to provide technical and scientific support for marine research projects, field surveys and is also involved in sales of products and laboratory equipment for aquatic environment research and mapping. MARESCO had an extensive history in the field of marine research and technology.

In November 2010, MARESCO was upgraded into MARESCO LTD. We aim to continue the top quality service to our clients and maintain the good relations with collaborators of MARESCO LTD. We will assure the continuity and the high standards of the services to MARESCO LTD’s clients as in the past.

MARESCO LTD employs a range qualified & experienced personnel such as physical oceanographers, naval architects and consultants with wide-ranging seafaring experience as well as certified pilots and technicians for manned submersibles and ROV supervisors. Our people come from a variety of backgrounds, with their expertise and attention to detail, our clients are guaranteed top quality service.

Responding to the ever increasing challenges of the industry and clients’ demands, MARESCO LTD continuously upgrades its provided services and is selective when choosing which companies and maritime products to represent. MARESCO LTD is in close collaboration with ALS Marine Consultants Ltd.

We believe that the diversity of our expertise, our lasting experience and our inherently strong sense of service have placed us in the leading position we are in today.