Through our partner distribution network, we can search, find and provide you with the necessary equipment for your needs, marine, underwater or scientific.

Our product selection ranges from specialized scientific devices to underwater robotics (ROVs, AUVs), CTDs, hydrographic survey equipment,


  • Current Meters & Flow Sensors
  • Echo Sounders
  • Sound Profilers & Sensors
  • Heave Sensors
  • Gyro Compasses
  • Motion Sensors
  • Seabed Tide Recorders
  • Digital Bar Checkers
  • Combined CTD/Sound Velocity Profilers
  • Tide Gauge Systems
  • GPS & DGPS Receivers
  • Water Samplers
  • Sediment Samplers
  • Door Sensors Bottom Contact Sensors


  • Mini ROVs (inspection class): Used mainly for inspections or work in space limiting areas, as well as aid in acquisition of small underwater items.
  • Work ROVs (both light and heavy): Primarily used in offshore installations and extreme depths, for inspections, constructions or repairs.
  • Underwater AUVs and surface USVs.


  • Underwater tracking systems
  • Hyperbaric Chambers (diving & medical)
  • Specialized data processing software suites
  • Underwater imaging solutions (cameras, lasers)
  • Multibeam sonars, seafloor terrain profilers
  • High frequency inspection sonars
  • Hydrophones, Underwater Lights, Underwater Propulsion Systems
  • Buoys, platforms, diving equipment, mounting kits
  • Specialized underwater device housings
  • Specialized Electronics (e.g. power supplies, chargers, etc)